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Aug 28, 2018

Ahhh...cartoons. Life was simple back then. Get up early, turn on the tv, and spend most of Saturday watching cartoons. Can you remember all of them? Tuning in to this episode will surely jog some fond memories of days long gone by, as we go back to our childhood to countdown the Best of the 80's Cartoons!


What was your favorite...Is it on this list?

What makes a great and memorable cartoon and how does it compare to the shows of today? What are the differences and why do some of these old shows still stick with us into our adulthood? I give my perspective on these questions as I countdown my personal list of the top ten best cartoons, including sound clips from some of the opening sequences! Get ready for this journey back in time!


Here are links to the opening sequences you can relive on youtube!

Jem -

My Little Pony -

Rainbow Brite -

Care Bears -

She-Ra Princess of Power -

G.I.Joe -

Smurfs -

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe -

Silverhawks -

Voltron  -

Dungeons and Dragons -

Spiderman and His Amazing Friends -

Transformers -

Thundercats -