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Jun 4, 2018

Welcome to our launch episode of SiberCast!

What better way to kick things off than to talk about a hot topic these days - Superheroes! We have joining me for our first show, a long time friend who has lived and breathed comics his whole life, Spencer Voykin.

First he'll fill us in on his history with comics, then we discuss the industry and all the changes that have happened over the years, for better or worse.

Next we dive into our topics, called "issues" for this episode, beginning with the symbolism of the crests and insignias worn by the heroes.

In issue two, we talk about powers and abilities and how they are used with each publisher.

For issue three, we look at the stories and personalities of the characters, and what truly defines a hero.

Finally, in the last issue, we finish off with a discussion about the movies and tv shows produced by Marvel and DC, and which company is doing it right.

So put on your tights, grab your capes, and join us for an in depth talk about all things superhero!



Spencer's links: