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Nov 4, 2018

Hey SiberCast fans!

It's been a minute since a regular episode was released, but that doesn't stop me from getting to it when I can!

We're back to revisit Ep.6 of SiberCast where we took a look at the top ten tv shows you should watch, and the #2 spot held by The Gifted.

Now that I'm all caught up and well into season 2 of the show, I have a better run down for you as to why this show should be on your list as well.

Also, adding in a new contender for the top spot, is The Rookie, starring fan favorite Nathan Fillion. At three episodes so far, this new show jumped almost everyone to get to the top of the list, and I go into detail as to why you should check it out.

Make sure to have a look at these trailers as well, and you will see exactly why these two shows are at the top of the list!

The Gifted:

The Rookie: