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Aug 13, 2018

Space. The Final Frontier.

Those words have never been spoken quite the same as when Captain Jean Luc Picard said them for 7 seasons of Star Trek the Next Generation. His iconic voice echoed through the far reaches of space and into our hearts where it still resides today.

Star Trek the Next Generation. The best of the Trek tv series, then and now.

Join me as I welcome The Real Brian from The Real Brian Show to discuss all things TNG. Why was the show so endearing, what made it the pinnacle by which all other Treks are measured against, and how has the crew of the USS Enterprise 1701-D found a way to still be in our thoughts as if it only aired yesterday?

We talk about our favorite characters, what episodes still stick with us, and a little about the movies when the show eventually went boldly into cinemas.

If you want to catch up to The Real Brian, you can find him at these links below:

Twiitter - @realbrianshow

            - @iamtherealbrian


Here are pics of some of the things we mentioned!

The TNG Technical Manual - TNG Technical Manual


The TNG Companion Book -


Signed by Gates McFadden inside -


Your Host with Data himself, Brent Spiner -


Ever wonder where everything IS in Star Trek space? Check out this amazing map of our galaxy to give you an idea!


A bit of wormhole explanation -


Want to test the reality of Star Trek science? These books are for you!