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Jul 2, 2018

Have you always been fascinated by tales of long ago passed down through generations? Stories of the Gods of Olympus, the heroes that fought their battles, and the women and creatures they met on their quests?

Well join me on this journey through time as we talk mythology with a pair of guests that study and teach the subject. I welcome Alison Innes and Darrin Sunstrum from their podcast, MythTake to the show and they share with us a vast knowledge of the literature that spawned the stories of old and the movies of today.

We discuss in depth what mythology means, how it relates to religion today, how it's portrayed in film, as well as a special reading by Alison of a passage from one of Homer's hymns about Apollo.

If you would like to check out Alison and Darrin's podcast, or connect with them, here are the links to everything to find them!

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