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SiberCast is the podcast that connects us through the things we are most passionate about. All of our hobbies, interests, and curiousities that capture our attention and send us down those rabbit holes of exploration. Whether it's tv shows, movies, sci-fi, fantasy, superheroes, health, mystic wonders, life, supernatural, history, space science and more! We find guest hosts that share the same passions so we can dive deep into discussion about our favorite topics. Join SiberCast and you're sure to find something and someone that you share a passion with!

Oct 9, 2018

Wow oh wow, can these two sing! Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga show that they've got some serious vocals in their new film A Star is Born! It's the perfect date movie if you're in the mood for something other than superhero action flicks!

This is a stamp in the success books for Bradley, as he not only stars, but also...

Oct 8, 2018

Alright true believers, listen up, this is NOT your normal superhero film!

Venom goes against the grain in his first solo movie, showing that you don't always have to play nice when dealing with bad guys! Very separate from the Spiderman universe, check out what I had to say about this new type of antihero!

 Here's the...

Oct 8, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving from Canada!

This is the best holiday of the year! Does that surprise you? Well listen to this shorter special episode where I talk all about the holidays and what makes this one better than the rest!

Now to get back to that food coma....

Oct 1, 2018

Sometimes it's difficult to find a decent movie for a couple if your tastes are vastly different, but The Spy Who Dumped Me should cover most of both person's tastes!

Take two regular girls and throw them into an international spy conspiracy and then see what happens! Full of surprising action and comedy that maybe out...

Oct 1, 2018

If heights give you chills and sweaty palms, then hold on tight when watching this latest action flick starring Dwayne Johnson!

Skyscraper is NOT a Die Hard clone, or remake, it's a fun summer action thriller that you don't have to expect too much from to enjoy.

So tie yourself down, buckle up, or grab something to hold...