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SiberCast is the podcast that connects us through the things we are most passionate about. All of our hobbies, interests, and curiousities that capture our attention and send us down those rabbit holes of exploration. Whether it's tv shows, movies, sci-fi, fantasy, superheroes, health, mystic wonders, life, supernatural, history, space science and more! We find guest hosts that share the same passions so we can dive deep into discussion about our favorite topics. Join SiberCast and you're sure to find something and someone that you share a passion with!

Jun 4, 2018

Welcome to our launch episode of SiberCast!

What better way to kick things off than to talk about a hot topic these days - Superheroes! We have joining me for our first show, a long time friend who has lived and breathed comics his whole life, Spencer Voykin.

First he'll fill us in on his history with comics, then...