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Jul 8, 2021

You can't take the sky from me...since I found Serenity...

Ahh...those lyrics...from the theme song that not a single fan of this show would skip the opening to, as we settle in for another adventure in the 'Verse.

That show is Firefly. The greatest scifi tv show of all time.

Join Martin and his entertaining guest hosts...

Jun 22, 2021

You know that hollow in your gut feeling you get when a favorite show ends and you just can't bare it? When the next week comes around and you just expect a new episode to air then get slammed with sadness that it ended the previous week?

Yeah, that's what we're talking about here. Some favorite shows have ended in this...

Jan 20, 2021

Ready for a good old fashioned adventure film? Well get your winter boots, your parka and some hardened nerve as we're about to head to the frozen great white north of Yukon, Canada during the 1890's gold rush of the Klondike!

The Call of the Wild follows the story of Buck, a spoiled house dog who finds himself...

Jan 10, 2021

She's back! Gal Gadot reprises her role as DC's greatest female superhero!

But does this film live up to that moniker? Well after much waiting for her return, it's unfortunate this one falls flat like it's training day still.

Listen in to find out why, and decide for yourself if WW84 is worth checking out!

Here's the...

Feb 16, 2020

A promo for the podcast!

This is the one to share and spread around if you want to help get the show exposure!